Kiwi gamblers love to gamble in general, and what could be more ideal than sitting in your living room, with an order of fish and chips at your side together with a couple of bottles of L & P Soda and playing blackjack or the slots? Heck, you might become a millionaire playing Mega Million. And if you want to watch Rugby or Cricket on TV at the same time, there’s nothing stopping you. And the plain fact is, there are so many online casinos to choose from that Kiwi gamblers are in the driver’s seat. After all, when it comes to the gambling offerings, most online casinos are pretty much the same. What really makes the difference in most online casinos is the extras such as do they pay withdrawals in a timely fashion, and what are the deposit options? Today, we’ll discuss deposit options, one of the lynchpins of a great, online casino.

Does the casino offer you the deposit option you need as a gambler?

In the world of online gambling, one size does not fit all. Sure, as an example, your preferred casino likely accepts Visa and MasterCard. In fact, if a casino does not accept credit cards, you best probably run, and it’s probably not legitimate. However, the fact that the casino accepts credit cards does not do you any good if you do not have one. Or, as frequently is the case, you don’t want to use a credit card because a spouse checks the credit card statements and you want to keep your gambling on the down-low. A good online casino should have plenty of deposit options.

What are some of the most popular deposit options?

Here’s a general list, and some general information about these deposit options:

Qiwi Wallet

Don’t be put off by the fact that Qiwi Wallet is Russian-orientated. Creat4ed in Moscow 10 years ago, Qiwi Wallet has over 20 million users. Your funds in Qiwi are backed by a prepaid Visa card. As long as your withdrawal is through another method, as withdrawals are more complicated, Qiwi Wallet is one of the most secure methods out there and the fees are quite low. Qiwi wallet is increasingly accepted for a deposit at many online casinos. Best of all you can deposit in New Zealand dollars.

Web Money

Another Russian payment transfer site, Web Money is huge, having over 40 million customers. Again, withdrawals are more complicated so use Web Money only for deposits, but it’s fairly easy to do so. If Web Money seems like your cup of tea, do a search for gambling with Web Money. Web Money is very secure, has a great reputation, and the fees are quite reasonable. As always, just be sure you read the terms of service before applying or transferring any money. You may also want to contact the casino’s customer service to be sure how they handle Web Money.


Outside of using Visa or a MasterCard, Neteller is the gold standard of payment processors. Unlike some other payment processors, 99 times out of a 100, your online deposit will be accepted almost instantly, or within a few minutes. Neteller has a stellar reputation and is accepted at almost every casino. We would dare say that the vast majority of Kiwi gamblers if they don’t use a credit car, use Neteller. And one of the advantages of Neteller is that is one of the few payment processors where withdrawals can be made very easily. A Neteller debit card will give you instant access to your cash once the casino has processed your payment. Neteller is extremely secure, but the fees can be slightly higher than other payment processors. But, nevertheless, the absolute gold standard.


Skrill, a London-based payment processor is almost as well respected as Neteller. Nine out of 10 casinos accept Skrill. Like Neteller, casinos love Skrill because deposits come to them without any hassle. And Kiwi gamblers love Skrill because they are not only convenient but transfer money using high-grade security. You can definitely use New Zealand dollars for your transactions, although to get a better exchange rate you should ensure that the casino accepts payment in New Zealand dollars. You can also receive withdrawals through Skrill. The charge for money transfers is as low as 3.99 percent, and normally you can gamble with your money within a couple of hours or less.

PaySafe Card

Lastly, there are Paysafe Cards which can be bought at many retail locations, loaded up with cash, and used to transfer money for an online casino. Unfortunately, it’s a one-way street. You can deposit, but you can’t withdraw from a casino using PaySafe. Also, the fees are a little higher, and the casino may take their time about accepting the deposit. Still, it’s another safe method to make deposits.