Setting up a corporate event will need quite some effort, be it when you are the convener or only helping the team organize it. You may have various options in mind when planning such an event; going out yourself to find the right place, or even hiring a coordinator is a choice you must stick to. If the event is calling out for a gathering of more than five or six people, it is always best to hire a manager. Even with all these aspects ticked off the list, the most important element lingers without being checked.

The type of corporate event you want to organize is the soul of that day, and the whole arrangement and efforts would only become futile without having a proper plan. Since a lot of corporate event types exist, selecting one can be hard. Let us look at the most common types of corporate events, and you can select according to your requirements.

1. Conferences

Industry professionals operating within the same industry meet up at such networking events to learn new business facets from one another. Conferences are basically held to reinforce the professional relationships and to initiate collaborations. But they aren’t meant only for the small-talks and beverages. A theme presented at the event is learned on a different level when everyone contributes to it. Conferences ideally begin with a keynote address, followed by content-driven courses and small breakout sessions. Since conferences have multiple lectures and launch events happening, the attendees could pick the venue of their choice. Most conferences are held at hotels, so you need to look into the transport facility, food, and accommodation for the attendees traveling from a different part of the country or world.


2. Seminars

Closely similar to conferences, seminars are also events held to bring together individuals from the same realm to provide an open platform for sharing ideas and opinions. The network formed at seminars can help companies grow, and the amalgamation of theories of a topic can bring change to the existing structure. Seminars are more formal than conferences; all the attendees will be present at the same venue for the whole period. This singular topic event comes with fewer choices and is held for a day.

3. Team Building Events

These are events solely meant for employees of a company. It focuses on boosting their morale for tackling the challenges in hand. Unlike seminars, team building events must be fun and less formal. This is the place where those individuals let their selves out to heave a breath of relief. No pressures must be imposed on the employees during such events. By handling them well, you can improve your business profits through better productivity. Such an event could comprise of anything engaging, like a mental puzzle or an outdoor obstacle course. The employees could also work together in a scavenger hunt; all of these activities will help build a better team. Team-building events are usually half-day or full-day events, which take place during office hours.