People often assume planning an event, especially without an event planner could be a tedious process and a time-consuming one. But it need not be. Follow the 15 tips mentioned in this article to organize and throw the best event ever, without undergoing stress or anxiety

1. Organize your time and workspace: Event planners never really have time for anything else in their life and this is mainly because of the lack of time management skills. Hence, planning beforehand and organizing your work can take you a long way
2. Select achieve bale goals: This applies especially when you’re starting new. Take one project at a time and learn your way to the top with 5 or 6 projects.
3. Venue: If you do not want people or the venue mangers backing off at the last moment, then choose a reliable one. Share you contact to people and take recommendations from them.
4. Set a budget: Budget plays a very important role in how you want your event to feel and look, and to fetch compliments from the visitors, and attendees.
5. Contract information: People, who want to avoid the chaos of planning an event, generally give them to contracts. If you’re planning to do so, then it is better to fig deep in the services provided by them.
6. Stick to your plan: This also means to avoid or minimize the last minute changes which can go haphazard in the last moment.
7. Ticketing: Ticketing can be an extra burden to the already existing chaos. Make sure you get a reliable help for ticketing.
8. Promotion: Ask your participants to spread the word about your event. This also means they make free promotions for on and make your life a lot simpler.


9. Marketing: Adding to the above point of promotion, the best way to do is to promote and spread the word on social media platforms that help in keeping in touch with people. Create an event on Facebook so that your friends and family are aware of the things going on. It is humanly impossible to call every person on your list separately and inform them.
10. Make use of technology: There exists various applications and other platforms that help you keep track of the events or the chores that you might forget. Hence, make use of such technologies and automate anything and everything you can, to make your lie much easier and chaos-free.
11. Data: Data from the online services are your best friends until the entire event is concluded. Digital media can help us in a lot of ways we’re not even aware of, it is imperative to make use of them to simply our lives
12. Don’t panic in case of backlash: Ups and down’ is common stigma when you’re planning an event. Although everything is perfect from your end, something might go wrong. Just fix it and move on.
13. Feedback: Make a box or a section at the exit to receive feedback.
14. Ritual: End the day with a drink or a ritual, this will remain in the audience’s memory
15. Enjoy: Lastly, don’t beat yourself up. Enjoy the journey.