Some of you might have heard the word, “network” or “networking” more often than your own names, and the others might be completely alien to it.

Networking is basically connecting with people from the same dimension or sector in order to build connections among the same community of people.

Let’s consider a scenario where you’re looking for a change of career or a fresher, seeking for job, the it is important to build networks. How do you do it? Well, there are many ways you can consider, but in this article, we’re talking about navigating a networking event. Considering the fact that you’re new to attending networking events, we have jotted down 9 essential tips that could help you with the first network event anxiety.

Set a goal

Before you attend the event, you have to set a realistic goal of why you’re actually attending the meeting. It could be for a new job prospect or even to learn something about the field. The seeking opportunity could be endless, but the bottom line is to go with a goal in mind.


Dress well

First impression lasts forever, especially important if you’re seeking a job. Dress professional. It needs to be over-the top, CEO kind of professional. A casual business wear will work just fine. Make sure you don’t forget to wear your confidence.

Bring business cards to the table

If you’re on the hunt to a change of job or to meet business professionals, then bringing your business card to the table will not only make you look professional, but also adds to the details and saves time for a detailed introduction.


Since you’re meeting people for the first time, it is important to impress them in two or three minute talk to have. Hence, make your introduction clear, smart and to-the point/. Do not use overly complicated words as it’s only going to make you look fake, as if you have by-hearted them from a textbook.

Listen, and then speak

A good business person or a professional, generally listens to the other person talk, understand their perspective and point of view, and then goes ahead to express their views and continue the conversation. Hence, it is important to listen to the other person (even though you’re not interested). It depicts that you’re well-manners and have some professionalism and business etiquettes

Listen, and then speak

Ask Questions

If you’re genuinely interested in their company or their products, ask questions about their company, how they produce, manufacture, and sell products. Seek for a potential prospect at their company, and then go ahead and pitch in whatever your thoughts and needs are. This is the best way to continue a conversion and show sincerity to what you’re conversing.

Speak to the point

This does not mean you give one-word answer or elaborate on your history and likes and dislikes. Answering to what is asked and what is required in the conversation I the best way to keep the conversation simple, short and professional.

Take notes

If there is a speech or a talk by a professional that you aspire to become, take notes and imply it in your life.

Take notes

Follow up

Many of them do not do this, which showcases their lack of interest. If you do follow-up, then it shows your interest and dedication.