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4 Creative Corporate Event Ideas

4 Creative Corporate Event Ideas

Scraping ideas from the existing ones to organize an event can take considerable time and team effort. Implementing the plans to perfection is the next challenging stage. Event management is truly a job that sucks the soul out of the managers by the end of the day. Unless they create the best results, reviling and derogatory abuses may be the least to expect. However, once an impression has been created, the business needs no further propulsion. A successful event can give them the necessary push to excellence.

Deciding a theme, setting criteria, finding a venue, looking out for speakers, and choosing content are key components in organizing a conference. Once you have checked everything else on the list, the one thing that remains outdated could be the theme. Since hundreds of events are being held every year, the theme can be rehashed and presented in uncanny forms. Finding new creative ideas for a corporate event can be quite a task, but setting up will be your only headache when you have the right guide. Here are some of the top creative corporate event ideas.

1. Alternative Payment Café

No one would despise the addition of physical activities to such events; indeed, most of them will love it for the innovative idea. However, the best part is that no one is likely to conjure up a thought on their mind about the creativity and colors gone into making this venture a reality. They will only savor the beauty within these halls since the milieu is so relaxing and soothing. This concept has a ‘pay with exercise’ element blended with the elegance of a café to serve the attendees with food and drinks after their physical workouts. A tiny stall, treadmills, rowing machines, and exercise mats are integral parts of this idea.

Alternative Payment Café

2. Nitrogen Ice Cream Bar

An event could feature elements related to the professional topics and other spots that offer the attendees a perfect break. Nitrogen ice cream bars can be an excellent addition to the venue. The attendees are sure to be enthralled by serving unusual flavors like vanilla and Jack Daniels and popcorn. The dragon’s breath is something everyone wishes for, and the flavorful ice creams make it possible.

3. TEDx Event

Hand down the best addition to a corporate event would be an internal TEDx presentation. People unfamiliar with TEDx talks need to head to YouTube to watch some of the best speeches. A key speaker picks a personal or general topic to present to the audience a different perspective. Many of these talks are inspirational, while others can open new doors to reality. Getting a message across the globe is now easy with such speakers to guide us through various crucial aspects of life.

TEDx Event

4. Projection-Mapped Stage

Setting up a screen and paneled columns for speakers can give them and the audience a clear idea of the topic being discussed. A stage with customizable features helps in the presentation. There is no better way to combine technology and traditional conferences than having such screens on stage.

4 Event Trends You Need to Know for 2020

4 Event Trends You Need to Know for 2020

When formulating a successful plan to set up the perfect event for clients, you will need not just efforts but also some acumen. As an attendee, you have to be entertained and shouldn’t feel any jarring effect throughout the event. Being the organizer of such a night of fun and content, you need to be the source of ideas and diligence. To be a part of the events industry isn’t easy anymore since the competition has built over to an unimaginable level. In order to have a successful event, the flexibility of the coordinators is a crucial element. Every event manager needs to attune to the attendee’s desires. The new trends in event management need to be learned inside out to embrace them, and all planners have to adapt to the changing designs in the market. Let us look at some of the most popular event trends in 2020.

1. Industry Performance Trends

• Demand Will Always be Higher Than Supply
Meetings and events are growing exponentially every passing year, and the demand for planners is also increasing consequently. Pipeline ideas are slowing down while the demand keeps developing at a rate of 5-10% annually. According to the studies conducted, the planners must be proactive in adjusting the budgets and booking the space for the event without delay. Hotels will have to segment business in a way that a clash doesn’t occur in the bookings. When planners book halls in advance, the venues can lose revenue through higher-value events. An intelligent approach to these issues can help everyone elude the obstacles with ease.

• More Face-to-Face Time
As more conferences are being held online, people aren’t intrigued by the concept of spending time looking on the screens. They desperately need a face-to-face conference to make the most treasured commodity apparent to the world. By creating such events, planners can facilitate a networking space for the attendees to collaborate.

Performance Trends

2. Attendee Experience Trends

• Business and Leisure Aren’t Great Together
The destination decisions get divided into segments that come up with various ideas to make the event livelier. Most people will consider the destination before looking into the theme or subject being discussed at the event. Business leisure trips wouldn’t be ideal in situations where people from all walks of life are attending. Planners need to find a destination affordable for all attendees, and it shouldn’t have unlimited luxuries. Only by ensuring a great experience for the attendees can the business boost be focused on.

• Personalization Sells
When coordinating such events, the most important aspect to keep in mind is to create a personalized feeling for every attendee. By offering them various choices, more fun is guaranteed. The persona can only be created when the events are personalized. The attendees must be able to move around freely by selecting their favorite spot. Data collections have become sophisticated over the years; so, the planners will need highly efficient tools to ensure personalization. Silent conferences, live polling, and better guest management are tools used by planners to bring personalization to life.

9 Tips for Navigating Your First Networking Event

9 Tips for Navigating Your First Networking Event

Some of you might have heard the word, “network” or “networking” more often than your own names, and the others might be completely alien to it.

Networking is basically connecting with people from the same dimension or sector in order to build connections among the same community of people.

Let’s consider a scenario where you’re looking for a change of career or a fresher, seeking for job, the it is important to build networks. How do you do it? Well, there are many ways you can consider, but in this article, we’re talking about navigating a networking event. Considering the fact that you’re new to attending networking events, we have jotted down 9 essential tips that could help you with the first network event anxiety.

Set a goal

Before you attend the event, you have to set a realistic goal of why you’re actually attending the meeting. It could be for a new job prospect or even to learn something about the field. The seeking opportunity could be endless, but the bottom line is to go with a goal in mind.


Dress well

First impression lasts forever, especially important if you’re seeking a job. Dress professional. It needs to be over-the top, CEO kind of professional. A casual business wear will work just fine. Make sure you don’t forget to wear your confidence.

Bring business cards to the table

If you’re on the hunt to a change of job or to meet business professionals, then bringing your business card to the table will not only make you look professional, but also adds to the details and saves time for a detailed introduction.


Since you’re meeting people for the first time, it is important to impress them in two or three minute talk to have. Hence, make your introduction clear, smart and to-the point/. Do not use overly complicated words as it’s only going to make you look fake, as if you have by-hearted them from a textbook.

Listen, and then speak

A good business person or a professional, generally listens to the other person talk, understand their perspective and point of view, and then goes ahead to express their views and continue the conversation. Hence, it is important to listen to the other person (even though you’re not interested). It depicts that you’re well-manners and have some professionalism and business etiquettes

Listen, and then speak

Ask Questions

If you’re genuinely interested in their company or their products, ask questions about their company, how they produce, manufacture, and sell products. Seek for a potential prospect at their company, and then go ahead and pitch in whatever your thoughts and needs are. This is the best way to continue a conversion and show sincerity to what you’re conversing.

Speak to the point

This does not mean you give one-word answer or elaborate on your history and likes and dislikes. Answering to what is asked and what is required in the conversation I the best way to keep the conversation simple, short and professional.

Take notes

If there is a speech or a talk by a professional that you aspire to become, take notes and imply it in your life.

Take notes

Follow up

Many of them do not do this, which showcases their lack of interest. If you do follow-up, then it shows your interest and dedication.

15 Event Planning Tips and Recommendations

15 Event Planning Tips and Recommendations

People often assume planning an event, especially without an event planner could be a tedious process and a time-consuming one. But it need not be. Follow the 15 tips mentioned in this article to organize and throw the best event ever, without undergoing stress or anxiety

1. Organize your time and workspace: Event planners never really have time for anything else in their life and this is mainly because of the lack of time management skills. Hence, planning beforehand and organizing your work can take you a long way
2. Select achieve bale goals: This applies especially when you’re starting new. Take one project at a time and learn your way to the top with 5 or 6 projects.
3. Venue: If you do not want people or the venue mangers backing off at the last moment, then choose a reliable one. Share you contact to people and take recommendations from them.
4. Set a budget: Budget plays a very important role in how you want your event to feel and look, and to fetch compliments from the visitors, and attendees.
5. Contract information: People, who want to avoid the chaos of planning an event, generally give them to contracts. If you’re planning to do so, then it is better to fig deep in the services provided by them.
6. Stick to your plan: This also means to avoid or minimize the last minute changes which can go haphazard in the last moment.
7. Ticketing: Ticketing can be an extra burden to the already existing chaos. Make sure you get a reliable help for ticketing.
8. Promotion: Ask your participants to spread the word about your event. This also means they make free promotions for on and make your life a lot simpler.


9. Marketing: Adding to the above point of promotion, the best way to do is to promote and spread the word on social media platforms that help in keeping in touch with people. Create an event on Facebook so that your friends and family are aware of the things going on. It is humanly impossible to call every person on your list separately and inform them.
10. Make use of technology: There exists various applications and other platforms that help you keep track of the events or the chores that you might forget. Hence, make use of such technologies and automate anything and everything you can, to make your lie much easier and chaos-free.
11. Data: Data from the online services are your best friends until the entire event is concluded. Digital media can help us in a lot of ways we’re not even aware of, it is imperative to make use of them to simply our lives
12. Don’t panic in case of backlash: Ups and down’ is common stigma when you’re planning an event. Although everything is perfect from your end, something might go wrong. Just fix it and move on.
13. Feedback: Make a box or a section at the exit to receive feedback.
14. Ritual: End the day with a drink or a ritual, this will remain in the audience’s memory
15. Enjoy: Lastly, don’t beat yourself up. Enjoy the journey.

A Must-Know Guide To Corporate Event Planning

A Must-Know Guide To Corporate Event Planning

The backbone to professional career is hosting professional and corporate events that conceptualize and express the reason for hosting the event. Whether we’re talking about the product launch with a 1000 guests or a training session for 20, there are five basic elements that ought to be kept in mind, to throw a successful corporate event

• Research • Design • Planning • Coordination • Evolution

Hosting corporate events have become the integral part of building a business and getting professionals together on one platform.

According to many studies and researches, corporate events are the most effective way to reach and achieve business goals. In this article, we’re going to highlight the necessary points out that are essential for hosting a corporate event.

Corporate event

Understanding the event’s purpose

Understanding the perspective of the event is the main step in hosting any event. Ask yourself why you’re hosting the event, what the intent to the audience is and how you can connect with them through this event. Once you find the answers to these three questions, you’re ready to take the next step.

Set a budget

Setting a logistic budget is an important step because you do not want cheap products or service in front of you professional guests. It not only defines your organizational skills, but also defines the way you plan and spend to make the right choices.

Choose your audience

Audiences are the pillar of the entire event- without audience there is no event. Hence, it is important to choose your target audience – managers, co-workers, teams, etc. this will also help in catering to the standards of the event.


Theme and format

Once you’re ready with the above steps, it is imperative to choose a format for your event. Although this is not mandatory, it adds a tab bit of sophistication and creativity. Theme could be anything from the topics being discussed in the event- to the dress code, and food options. You could also include some fun games that will remind the audience to stay intact to your business and business proposals.


Once you’re ready with all the above-mentioned points and steps, it is important to choose a location that is comfortable with everyone to commute. It should also be fit all the specifications, and needs for the event. Barnes mentioned that ‘location is the key to attendance.” The easier and the better the location, you can witness more faces at the event. Promote the event
In addition to location, promotion of the event also plays a key role in attendance. If people are not aware of your event then they simply won’t show up. Hence, make good use of social media platforms and marketing strategies to promote your event as much as possible. Email marketing is also a good option to consider, but social media works the best, and the word spreads like wildfire.

Bottom line

Promotion of a corporate event is a tedious task and by following the steps mentioned above, it can become a tad bit simpler and easier to host and make them a sure-shot success.

How to Start an Event Planning Service

How to Start an Event Planning Service

Several business ideas go down the trash to see no light, while many others wane with every step. Building a perfect foundation for a business will require many factors; money and plans alone will not do the magic. Having a good team is one important aspect that many entrepreneurs conveniently gloss over. Although many concepts are being materialized into reality these days, event management is one plan that remains fresh and innovative.

Since the sector comes with new tools to infuse life into an event and make huge profits, people have been seriously thinking of venturing into this area of work. Event planning is a fatiguing job that will demand all your time and funds. In order to start such a service, you must be prepared with all the necessary information, documents, and confidence. Let us look at some of the crucial elements of starting an event planning service.

Learn About Event Planning

When thinking of starting an event planning service, you must consider all the possible areas of application. Weddings and birthdays aren’t the only ceremonies you will have to manage. Special events are held for celebrations as well as for educational and promotional purposes. Commemorations can also call for a gathering, and many such civic events also have to be organized with expertise. All these events will require research, a venue, food, entertainment, and supervision. Curating the essential aspects of an event to set up a day of activities is the key to cultivating the business idea.

If you are interested in working for that particular sector, consider getting a certificate or degree in event management. You could get one even if you have graduated from a university with a different degree. Regardless of the degree you hold, you need a valid certificate to start an event management service.

Event Planning

Target Market

Corporate and social are the two major markets for event planning services. The former will contain events held for non-profit organizations, charities, and huge companies. Social events will most probably include birthdays, anniversary parties, weddings, reunions, and many other special gatherings. Both these markets can serve you with ample opportunities to establish a reputation. You could also focus on a particular market if you are uncomfortable with any specific kind of event.


The area you plan to serve will determine the cost of setting up a business. Your lifestyle and office space can also be factors contributing to the overall costs of starting your company. Keep in mind the option of working from home, which is the most economical method of running an event management service. Once you have decided on all the essential aspects of setting up your company, the licenses, taxes, payroll, legal fees, accounting, equipment, insurance, and miscellaneous expenses must be considered. You can never anticipate the total costs of a month because overhead expenses could be imposed in the most unexpected ways.

These are the most crucial points to be noted when planning an event management start-up. Once you have checked all these, the operations, marketing, and billing also need to get substantial traction.

The Dos and Don’ts of Event Planning

The Dos and Don’ts of Event Planning

Planning an event is far from being an easy task as the process tends to revolve around a number of activities that need to be formulated and completed in time. Since complications seem to arrive on this front, we are here to correct them by giving an overlook of the dos and don’ts of event planning. So go ahead and read the following list to get a better idea of all we are talking about.

Event Planning


1. The Main Objective

Every event has a particular objective or the main goal that it wants to achieve. Ensuring that you spread it out and define the same is an important task that you need to begin with. Defying your objective can be carried out by putting tasks that stand in the way of broadening the idea of the purpose and helping everyone understand the same. As a result, you and your team have a lot of work to do.

2. The Budget

Creating a budget is an important task that begins to process the event in the right manner. It talks about the aspects that can be included and the ones that cannot. Due to that, you need to begin the process of planning a bit early and start with the same by talking about your budget. Hence, it’s time for discussions and various kinds of debates.


1. Choosing the Wrong Venue

Choosing the wrong venue can go a long way in ruining the outcome of your event because it is the central part of the activity. As a result, you need to come across a long list of options and pay a visit to these places. If both you and your team are convinced by the space and can imagine an event taking place in the venue, you can happily go ahead to select it.

Wrong Venue

2. Making Decisions on Your Own

A team consists of individuals with opinions and an understanding of the tasks that they have been assigned. Due to that, the process of decision making should not be carried forward without consulting your team. While you may be the one in power, you need to seek their opinions and value their suggestions. In this manner, the event will be an organized one, and everyone would have played an active role in setting it up.


The dos and don’ts of event planning are quite simple and will give you a broad take on things you ought to know. So ensure to follow these points and steps to get used to the outcome that is being offered. By hoping that the event you and your team host will succeed, we are marching on further in life.

The Top 3 Most Common Types of Corporate Events

The Top 3 Most Common Types of Corporate Events

Setting up a corporate event will need quite some effort, be it when you are the convener or only helping the team organize it. You may have various options in mind when planning such an event; going out yourself to find the right place, or even hiring a coordinator is a choice you must stick to. If the event is calling out for a gathering of more than five or six people, it is always best to hire a manager. Even with all these aspects ticked off the list, the most important element lingers without being checked.

The type of corporate event you want to organize is the soul of that day, and the whole arrangement and efforts would only become futile without having a proper plan. Since a lot of corporate event types exist, selecting one can be hard. Let us look at the most common types of corporate events, and you can select according to your requirements.

1. Conferences

Industry professionals operating within the same industry meet up at such networking events to learn new business facets from one another. Conferences are basically held to reinforce the professional relationships and to initiate collaborations. But they aren’t meant only for the small-talks and beverages. A theme presented at the event is learned on a different level when everyone contributes to it. Conferences ideally begin with a keynote address, followed by content-driven courses and small breakout sessions. Since conferences have multiple lectures and launch events happening, the attendees could pick the venue of their choice. Most conferences are held at hotels, so you need to look into the transport facility, food, and accommodation for the attendees traveling from a different part of the country or world.


2. Seminars

Closely similar to conferences, seminars are also events held to bring together individuals from the same realm to provide an open platform for sharing ideas and opinions. The network formed at seminars can help companies grow, and the amalgamation of theories of a topic can bring change to the existing structure. Seminars are more formal than conferences; all the attendees will be present at the same venue for the whole period. This singular topic event comes with fewer choices and is held for a day.

3. Team Building Events

These are events solely meant for employees of a company. It focuses on boosting their morale for tackling the challenges in hand. Unlike seminars, team building events must be fun and less formal. This is the place where those individuals let their selves out to heave a breath of relief. No pressures must be imposed on the employees during such events. By handling them well, you can improve your business profits through better productivity. Such an event could comprise of anything engaging, like a mental puzzle or an outdoor obstacle course. The employees could also work together in a scavenger hunt; all of these activities will help build a better team. Team-building events are usually half-day or full-day events, which take place during office hours.

What is Expected Out of the Events Industry in the Aftermath of the Pandemic?

What is Expected Out of the Events Industry in the Aftermath of the Pandemic?

The aftermath of the pandemic is something that every industry is looking into, as they find means to keep things under control. But for the events industry, things are quite different because it was an industry that was expected to reach $2.3B in 2026. But with the current effect of the pandemic, those figures do not seem to be realistic. So if not that, what will happen to this industry, and what will the aftermath be like? Well, let’s go ahead and find out.

A Drastic Hit

Just like the rest of the sectors, the events industry has also witnessed a drastic hit that has brought down every single aspect of production. With the many norms of social distancing and quarantine measures into place, hosting an event is being viewed as a health risk and a financial burden. Due to that, events that were already scheduled are either dropped, rescheduled to a future date, or entered the virtual platform.

But that alone does not cover the impact because one also needs to consider businesses directly related to event organizations. Their form of business or survival is also under jeopardy, with the sign of hope diminishing day by day. Due to that, everyone is looking forward to the end of the pandemic to acknowledge and face the aftermath.

Drastic Hit

The Aftermath

With specific projections and other kinds of results coming onto the table, experts believe that the events industry will recover, but it will not be the same. The many contracts and cancellation terms will be further changed to different rules in order to bring about a unique form of organization. Since the main idea is to gain back their business, venues, suppliers, and other businesses will face a real struggle to get back on their feet.

They will be more cautious in their step and will only move about doing the aspects that are considered to be necessary. Moreover, it is also known that innovation will be a part of the process because individual startups might enter the scene by grabbing hold of the platform.

A Real Struggle

By all means, the future will be about gaining back their business and doing what is right to survive. Since numerous industries are slowly opening up, they are bound to face the real scenario. But if they are not prepared for the worst, things will move forward to head in the wrong direction. As a result, the future will be filled with struggle, and we need to work hard to achieve it all. Hence, that was the aftermath of the events industry and all that is bound to come.

Essential Tips to Host an Event

Essential Tips to Host an Event

Hosting an event is an activity that tends to involve several tasks that need to be performed in the right manner. Without doing so, one will not make the most out of the event, and your guests will not like it at all. So to avoid a scenario of this nature, we are here with a few tips that can help you host the perfect event. As these tips cover a central part of the activity, you will be glad about the outcome and all that comes from the same. So go ahead and read the following set of tips.

The Venue – Prepping

Once the task of finding your venue is done and dusted, the next step is to make the right kind of preparations. You will have to fill the venue with furniture, decorate the entire place, and ensure that refreshments and other aspects are placed properly. In case your list contains more, then filling the venue with the same needs to be done quickly. Bringing together a reliable team and having a plan in hand are two aspects that need to be furnished before going ahead to make preparations.

The Venue - Prepping

Registration and Accommodation

With space being a huge part of the picture, you should begin the process by registering and accommodating everyone. Since you have the list of individuals who will be present at the event, you can go about placing them in the right place. If some of these individuals are speakers, they can either be seated at the stage or slightly close to the same. But by the end, it needs to be clean, and everyone should be able to access their needs.

A Comfortable Experience

Getting used to a comfortable experience is something that everyone wishes to gain from an event. But for that purpose, you need to ensure that your plan has it all covered. Apart from placement, one should also look into their needs and ensure that the restroom, food & beverage facilities are all placed within a hand’s reach. If the venue is too big for the same, then a catering service would be ideal. So imagine an event taking place at your venue and begin preparations right away.

Comfortable Experience


Getting hold of feedback is an essential step because it helps you perform better and host another event in the future. Since you receive different kinds of opinions, you can build on the same and change things for the better. Due to that, one should always provide a space for feedback and be willing to take constructive criticism like the way it should be taken. Hence, that sums up our set of tips. We hope you have learned something and will host a fabulous event soon.